What is the Anchor?

The Anchor is Fort Hamilton High School’s award-winning art and literary magazine. Contributed entirely by students, the Anchor displays the creative talents that the Fort community possesses, from writing poetry and short stories to producing paintings and photographs. The Anchor not only serves as a creative outlet for Fort’s student body, but also seeks to preserve the creativity of its students and ultimately inspire future years of students to express themselves via art and literature.

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How to get involved?

When school is in session, we meet every Tuesday in room 370 during period 10. For now, we meet remotely through Google Meet and Google Classroom. Joining the Anchor looks good on college resumes, gives you an outlet for your creativity, and gives you the opportunity to make new friends. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to meeting all of you!

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Letter from our Staff

Dear readers,


Welcome to Volume 55, Issue 1 of the Anchor! This was our first full year of school remotely, for most of us, and so this year’s Anchor is going to reflect the majority of our time at school--digitally! 

Everyone has had their own ups and downs, mentally and physically, this year. Although we all couldn’t be together, the Anchor staff worked exceptionally hard this year. We were able to bring students together for our Winter Prompt event and spread the love with our cards during Valentine’s day. 


The pandemic brought us together. We understood how important it was to get this Anchor out to you this year--despite what was going on in our own lives. 


We hope Fort Hamilton’s students will continue to present their talents, and step out of their comfort zone to share their passions and ideas with the rest of us. We, the Anchor, will keep improving on our newest volumes as the years go on, welcoming new talent and creativity that is to come our way!


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the making of Volume 55 of the Anchor. Especially, a big thank you to Ms. Picozzi for guiding us through the creation of this magazine. We hope you enjoy this volume of the Anchor and continue to support our club to the fullest! 


The Anchor Staff

(Chloe & Yasmine)

Meet the Staff

Devon Schweizer

I've always enjoyed not only the art of writing and literature, but its technicalities and grammar; hence my proofreader title! I love listening to artists like Mitski and Fiona Apple as well as playing music in my free time. Joining the Anchor has been a great experience and creative outlet for me this year and I can't wait to return in the fall!

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Asma Chali
Arts & Media Editor

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Chloe Au
Short Story Editor

I am a freshman and I have an obsession with Harry Potter. I'm a Ravenclaw! I love way too many fandoms. I've always liked writing stories I thought that the Anchor would be a good place to showcase this!


Yasmine Benjelloun

 I am a digital artist who deeply enjoys designing bizarrely benevolent and eye-pleasing characters, utilizing my art to spread merriment and positivity to those who come into contact with them. I try my hardest to improve my artwork, and I strictly forbid myself from bashing on it because love helps me flourish on my art journey more than anything. I'm just about obsessed with fiction and musicals, I love to collect dolls and enamel pins, and I love expressing my individuality with aesthetically pleasing and totally drop-dead gorgeous outfits. I hope you enjoy all the beauty there is to find on the Anchor. Happy journey! =:)))

Yomna Esmail

I'm a freshman with a penchant for films, playwriting, 70s rock/pop music, and nature. I joined the Anchor to improve my editing and writing skills, and it did not disappoint; this club has been a great source of inspiration, and all of the unique submissions have helped me grow as both an artist and a writer.

Elaine Mei

Helen Li

Ralph Liu

Reina Nelson

Alyssa Sinacore

Winni Yang


I am a freshman.Other than writing short stories or reading a bunch of fanfiction on watt pad, I love making designs and arts, such as painting the back of my skateboard or simply drawing on a paint board. What motivates me is music and my favorite artists are Ashkinno, Melanie Martinez, and Billie Eilish. I love riding my skateboard and hanging out with my friends and drinking boba tea together.